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Insurance of Transported Goods

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You are a commercial enterprise or a simple importer / occasional exporter. As such, you are called upon to move goods from one point to another on the globe. Of course, you are free to entrust this task to specialized operators such as carriers or shippers; however, none of them, whatever the mode of transport envisaged – land, sea or air – cannot guarantee the total security of your goods during this operation.

Indeed, the risks run by your goods throughout their transport are many and varied: loss and deterioration following an accident, force majeure, inappropriate handling, theft etc.… not to mention common damage to maritime transport.


In addition, the complexity of international trade is such that the responsibility of the various participants in the transport chain is generally very limited, even non-existent in some cases. GMC, for its part, provides you with transport insurance adapted to your needs and guarantees rapid and fair compensation in the event of a claim.