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Maritime faculties insurance

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The insurance of the maritime faculties can be done either by:

  •    FAP Except,
  •    All risks.

 Other insurance methods according to the specific needs of the client.

The “FAP except” Guarantee

The “FAP except” guarantee, that is to say Franc d’Avaries Particulières except those listed in the contract.

This is a guarantee which covers particular damage only when it is consecutive to one of the characterized events, exhaustively listed in the contract, namely:

– Sinking, capsizing or grounding of the ship or transport boat;

 – Collision or collision of the ship or boat against a fixed, mobile or floating body, including ice.

– Waterway which obliged the ship or boat to enter a port of refuge and to unload all or part of its cargo there.

– Fall of the insured parcel itself during maritime embarkation, transhipment or disembarkation operations.

– Derailment, collision, overturning, falling or breaking of the land transport vehicle during a land journey incidental to maritime transport.

– Collapse of buildings, bridges, tunnels or other structures.

– Breakage of dike or pipeline.

– Falling tree, landslide or avalanche.

– Flood, overflow of river or river, ice break-up, tidal wave.

– Fire or explosion.

– Aircraft fall.

In summary, this guarantee only applies when the insured goods are damaged as a result of one of the major events above reaching the means of transport itself.

It is the responsibility of the insured to be indemnified to establish that the damage suffered by the goods comes directly from one of the events listed in the contract.

The “All Risks” Guarantee

The warranty here covers all damage and material loss occurring to the goods during the insured journey unless they arise from one of the excluded risks.

This is a broader guarantee and the insurer must, in order to avoid a claim, prove that the damage results from an excluded risk.

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